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Open Up, The Movie


Can it be this scar on my face(she pauses) but despite this scar, that was the result of the fire incident at a tender age, I am still beautiful, I have a beautiful complexion, I have the right curves, I have a well-paying job, I am anointed, I am a child of God, I am a graduate ( still thinking, she takes a deep breath) But wait, could it be that they know about my past? No, no, nobody apart from my family members ever knew that I had a son…

(Takes a deep breath) But the boy is in the village, he never knew that I was his mother. I don’t know, but something must be driving these brothers away from me. No, no, I don’t think anyone knows about my secret. I can’t afford to let anyone know my past… (puts her hand underneath her chin) But I can’t continue this way, I am almost 40 years old. I have to do something about my case.

Cast & Crew

  • Michael Olaniyan
  • Evelyn Aborode as Pat
  • Adeniran Aborode as Sam
  • Patricia Akinyombo as Pat’s Mom
  • Oluwani Alone as Pat’s Dad
  • Omowunmi Olanipekun as Jane